“ROSTOK” Group of Companies includes “ROSTOK”, Ltd., “Ulyanovsky Hard and Unique Machines Factory” (УЗТС)

“ROSTOK”, Ltd. already for more than 17 years carries on its activities on the market of Russia embracing many spheres of supplying the domestic and foreign enterprises with material and technical resources, at that our Company is the owner of “Ulyanovsky Hard and Unique Machines Factory” (UZTS) showed itself as a reliable manufacturer of the special milling machines and a well-known brand . At the same time we follow the principles of effective mutually beneficial cooperation and development of cooperation relations.


“ROSTOK CIS K/S”, Ltd. Group of Companies executes works on financing of the equipment production, arrangement of the deliveries, marketing and participation in the tenders.

17 Faborgvej, Heden, 5750 Ringe, Denmark;

Ph./fax: +7 495 234 8880

Site: www.rostok.eu

E-mail: info@roctok.ru


Ульяновский завод тяжелых и уникальных станков“Ulyanovsky Hard and Unique Machines Factory” Enterprise is specialized to producing the hard metal-working equipment of extended and regular accuracy class. The Enterprise has been founded in 1956. The Factory, within the period of its existence, has produced about 10000 metal-working machines, including these upon the orders from Germany, Italy, Canada, USA, France, Sweden, Japan.

Gerasimova Str. 10l, Ulyanovsk, Russia

Ph./fax: (8422) 24-22-44

Site: www.uzts.ru

E-mail: market@uzts.ru