РОСТОК Special and special-purpose machines Vertical-horizontal milling machine with cross table mod. 6532M-03.H1

Vertical-horizontal milling machine with cross table mod. 6532M-03.H1

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Vertical-horizontal milling machine with cross table mod. 6532M-03.H1 is destined for high-production finishing boring an inner hole and flank trimming of an axle box body and also for execution of rough and finishing milling operations, boring, drilling and tapping on five sides of machined detail. Field of the machine application – factories, depots, shops for manufacture and repair of wheel pairs of a railway transport. Machine 6532M-03.H1 is shown on the photo with one gadget on the table.

Domain of application

The machine has been eq1uipped with two gadgets (with manual axle box clamping) and boring system «Пумори СИЗ». Machining is executed under special parametric sycle. 6532-03H1

Gadget for axle box stationing and clamping:
1 – stop;
2 – gadget;
3 – axle box body;
4 – axle box body prepared for a following machining.

6532-03H1Boring system has rough and micrometer feed of boring cutter when adjusting for a dimension and a device for imbalance reducing. Boring is executed with hardalloyed plates type CCMT120408 CT35.


Machining technology

6532-03H1Machining is executed in by-turn boring mode of two bodies installed in the gadget on the table of machine. It is possible to use two machining cycles. The first – with simultaneous loading two bodies and their by-turn machining, and the second – with using a “pendular” machining cycle when machining is combined with loading-unloading. Boring Ф250G7 and trimming a flank is executed at one pass when accuracy of dimensions and form are provided higher than requirement of a drawing (flank whipping of machined flank relatively to Ф250G7 is 0,005 mm when a tolerance is 0,07 mm; radial whipping Ф184H11 relatively to Ф250G7 is 0,1 mm when a tolerance is 0,25 mm; declination on roundness and profile longitudinal section declination is 0,015 mm when a tolerance is 0,023 mm). Production time for one detail machining is 7 minutes.

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