The railwaymen mark today their professional celebration. This day all the congratulations to You! Let these words fly along all the tracks from the East to the West and from the North to the South: thank You for Your labor, thank You for the pleasant travels and long-awaited meetings on the platforms! You are really deserving of respect – for Your labor, for Your progress, for that owing to Your diligence tremendous bulky and cumbersome net of the railways of our Country works. Each of You does his work bona fide and honestly, and because of that in common cause a contribution of each associate of a separate subdivision is not always seen. However, it absolutely does not cancel the understanding that You are the pride of our State. The rails and the sleepers already during not one century cloak all the land surface on the globe. Oil and petrol, timber and coal are conveyed from one point to another. This are You who provide a comfort for the travelers. Let the railways live and flourish further helping the people to surmount a distance between the towns and the Countries. Dear railwaymen, let a train of happiness and health never leaves depot of You life, let a success always rides on the same way with You. We wish all Your arrangements and dreams come to final station of implementation, smoothly on the rails, sleeper by sleeper. Have a good trip, noble passengers and green semaphore.

Happy celebration!